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First Post

The start of my personal blog.

I created but never used a blog years ago. I am hoping to change that with this project. Keeping things simple and quick should help me post more frequently.

About This Site

It’s built using Hugo static site generator to power this website. A more complete writeup will be coming later but it turns basic markdown text files into a website. Deployed to Cloudflare pages for ease of use and speed. It also doesn’t cost anything!

Why Create It

I wanted a space to share everything I’m working on and doing without worry. Some topics including cannabis or computer exploits can make some communities or hosting providers uneasy. On top of that, a lot of internet communities have unclear and ever changing rules. Hosting it myself makes things easier. I don’t need to worry about what I post and can share more freely.

What’s Next

I am working on lots of things right now, a 3D printed ESPhome project, Home automation stuff, countless computer projects, my company’s ansible powered web hosting cluster, and so much more. I am very excited to document and share it here.

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024 01:00 UTC