I Automated a Typo Across A Bunch of Websites

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I Automated a Typo Across A Bunch of Websites

Automation is just a multiplier, of both triumphs and failures.

I use ansible EXTENSIVELY in my company. It is an open source IT automation engine that automates provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration, and many other things. You create playbooks detailing how you want a computer to be setup, and Ansible makes it so. Playbooks are kind of like recipes, used by ansible to “bake” a computer how you want it. Install X package, set this setting, place this file. It can do this for a lot of computers and handle how they all interact. It completely controls my company’s web hosting cluster. I want to share more about it in the future, it is extremely cool.

One of the many things it does is generate a robots.txt file for all Wordpress sites I host. Generate the file, place it in the directory, super simple. While setting up a robots.txt file for this website, I looked at one of my Wordpress sites as a starting point. When I opened the file I noticed that the sitemap URL was a HTTP address and not HTTPS. The load balancer does redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS, but this was still not optimal and just not correct. It was an extremely easy fix, but a cautionary tail to double check your work and do it again with fresh eyes the next day.

Github Commit Log Showing HTTP Typo Fix